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I’ve always liked to draw, but I haven’t drawn consistently since I was 18 or so. Planting this /art page is my way of nudging myself to draw more. Inspired by

Elephant on the wall

Last summer my roommate found this big ole frame on the street in Brooklyn (large yellow bicycle below for scale). I stuck it on a wall in my room and started drawing this elephant that I took a picture of in India. I’m drawing directly on the wall with no canvas or anything, which feels rather freeing. It’s a work in progress, as you can see.

Elephant Drawing
Elephant on the wall. 3x5ft (ish) frame

Monochrome monkey

That elephant is the most recent art I made that hangs in my apartment. This monkey is the oldest art I made that still hangs in my apartment. I started painting in ninth grade, and this was the first thing I remember working on besides one obligatory still life on day 1.

Monkey oil painting
Monochrome monkey. 24x18in. Oil.