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HTML strikethrough, del, ins

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To represent edited text in HTML, there are a few semantically distinct options.

The <s> strikethrough element is for text that’s “no longer relevant or no longer accurate” and is “not appropriate when indicating document edits.” E.g., Wool socks: $12 $8. The <del> deleted text element is for “text that has been deleted from a document,” and the <ins> inserted text element is for “text that has been inserted into a document.” There’s also a deprecated <strike> element that was a catch-all for the visual strikethrough effect.

To accelerate these sorts of semantic HTML discoveries, I’ve been meaning to read Patrick Weaver’s Blog Post With Every HTML Element from a few months ago. There’s also the State of HTML 2023, which I'm hoping will be as much learning as it is survey-answering.


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