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Make It Stick (in 10 days, via email)

I’m making an email-based course on Make It Stick, a book about effective learning grounded in cognitive psychology research.

It’s 10 lessons, delivered over 10 days. The course is a work-in-progress, so the content is incomplete, but feel free to sign up and lmk what you think.

I’m also writing about the how of making the course, which I designed to be easily copied by anyone who knows some JavaScript and wants to make an email-based course.

As a disclaimer, I am not a learning expert. I like to learn, and I like learning about learning. This course is a distillation of Make It Stick, supported by some follow-up research I did. It's meant to spread the word about effective, research-backed learning techniques, and it's also a way for me to strengthen what I learned from the book.