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Writing a feedback form with Membrane

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I added a feedback form at the bottom of each post in my garden using You can skip to the bottom of this page to test it out, or watch a demo on Twitter.

With Membrane it’s simple to deploy HTTP endpoints and email yourself programmatically (among many other features). This is the bare bones code I wrote in a Membrane program to handle form submission:


import { nodes } from "membrane";
export async function endpoint(req) {
const { email, feedback, url } = JSON.parse(req.body) as FeedbackForm;
const subject = `Garden thoughts from ${email ?? "anonymous reader"}`;
const body = `Thoughts on ${url}:\n${feedback}`;
await{ subject, body });
return JSON.stringify({
status: 200,
headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
body: JSON.stringify({ message: "feedback received!" }),
interface FeedbackForm {
email?: string;
feedback: string;
url: string;

Every Membrane program comes with an endpoint URL, which you can use to write an API, serve some markup, handle webhooks, etc. Right now my little feedback program is just handling form submissions on POST, but I could also serve the form on GET requests (using vanilla HTML or a framework like HTMX or Hono).

I plan to iterate on my feedback Membrane program—maybe starting with a Hono router—and write more about it here. In the meantime, feel free to give me a nudge or lmk what you think with the new form below.



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