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Silly TLDs

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I’ve known there are a bunch of novel TLDs (top-level domains) since the first time I bought a domain, but I didn’t quite appreciate the extent of it until seeing

Porkbun TLDs
Porkbun TLDs
Porkbun TLDs

Lots of them are very specific—like .coffee or .cafe for a coffee shop—which I find very satisfying. But then some are downright goofy. I mean, .bob_ross?? There are 424 options on porkbun, by my count. I only screenshotted a small subset.

TLD history

The history of TLDs is interesting. For example, I heard on a podcast (I can’t remember which episode, but that’s a great use of .fm) that Anguilla now has a pretty significant revenue stream from their .ai ending.

TLDs I’ve used

The most fun TLDs I’ve actually used are and I did own a .band domain at one point when my friend asked me to make a website for his band, but sadly he moved to LA and the band split up. Looking at these gets my wheels turning, though. I already have somewhat of a compulsive domain buying habit, so this makes things much harder. Like, I could move this very website to, or someone could build an interactive version of Where’s Waldo at wheres.waldo.

TLDs in the wild

I love coming across uncommon TLDs, like,,,,, and Another cool use case is endings that complete a name, like Those websites are all very cool beyond clever TLDs, btw, so do some exploring if you’re interested!

Let me know what cool TLDs you’re using or have seen in the wild.



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